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Message from the Scarborough Business Ambassadors to the Sponsors, Supporters and Exhibitors of Scarborough Science and Engineering Week 2019

Thank you for supporting the 10th Scarborough Science and Engineering Week, another huge stride in our joint efforts to showcase engineering and technology to thousands of young people.

We appreciate your huge contribution to an event that has introduced more than 35,000 students to tomorrow’s world … their future and their career opportunities.

It is thanks to the 10th event, produced again with the support of NYBEP (North Yorkshire Business and Education Partnership), that we, the Scarborough Business Ambassadors, have been able to fund the participation of six Scarborough UTC students in the international F1 in Schools finals in Abu Dhabi this month, a spectacular achievement.

The challenge which will run alongside a round of the Formula 1 World Championship car races.

When we began Engineering Week, we thought that it would be worthwhile if just one young person decided on engineering as a career.

We now know that there are many attendees who have been inspired to do so.

We are creating a Hall of Fame that showcases the young people whose lives have been transformed by the event – thanks to your support.

In regard to the UTC students, the costs of their F1 car challenge research and development, business plan, manufacturing and assembly, wheel systems, testing, transport and accommodation has been made possible by your backing of engineering week. The Ambassadors, which founded the college in partnership with companies such as Unison Ltd, have helped your support and companies such as McCain and Unison, to fund the £25,000 trip.

The finals will bring together 60 teams from 25 countries, held on Yas Island starting on 24 November with an opening ceremony and three days of competition.

The UTC F1 students called Team Avidity was featured on regional BBC TV, as well as in the local press, business publications and on YouTube and social media. They have received huge support and the trials of the model car (one-20th scale) have proved very successful, reaching outstanding track speeds.

Avidity are among the UK champions and had to deploy software to collaborate, design, analyse, manufacture, test, and then race miniature compressed air-powered cars made from F1 model block.

The challenge inspires students to use IT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/teamwork, media skills and financial strategy, and apply them in practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting ways.

The Avidity team members are aged 14 to 16, with four girls and two boys, each with roles such as head of design, marketing creator and graphics designer.

UTC principal Lee Kilgour said: “With only 19% of women in STEM careers, and only 2% of females involved in the motor racing population when compared to males, our team’s participation will have a hugely positive influence on not just the students’ lives and careers, but also for future students.”

Scarborough Science and Engineering Week has raised £2.5m in sponsorship over the past 10 years.

Peter Wilkinson, ambassadors’ chairman, said: “We cannot be more proud and delighted that our efforts, with your invaluable support, has led to local students from the college we founded, in 2016, taking part in an international engineering-based event and representing their country. Wow … we are wishing them the best of luck; thank you and see you next year at the 11th event.”