About Us

The Scarborough Business Ambassador Forum (SBA) has played an integral role in Scarborough’s renaissance. The programme spans some 12 years and has become a driving force in the business community and without doubt promotes Scarborough, as a dynamic, entrepreneurial town in which to live, work and play.


– The forum encourages business leaders to become ambassadors for Scarborough and its future.
– Work locally where possible, using local suppliers and skills
– Promote a positive business culture for the area
– Support Engineering Week and other Ambassador events


Scarborough Business Ambassador (SBA) is a limited company and is administered by a board of volunteer directors, promoting commerce in Scarborough and the Yorkshire coast.

One of the key methods used to bring together the local business community is the Ambassador Forum events, these are usually sponsored by major businesses both from within and from outside the area. Each forum event is used to raise, promote and discuss a particular issue that faces the town as well as to bring together business owners and key individuals to ensure that action results from these discussions.

Our activities have been wide ranging and in some cases dramatic, with the introduction of Engineering Week in 2010, this event has led to hundreds of school children each year gaining a valuable insight into the possibility of a career in engineering or one of its related fields. In turn, the focus on education by the Ambassador group led directly to a call for a University Technical College – a dream realised with a 2016 intake of student becoming a reality.